さまざまなアーティストとのコラボレーション、 斬新な個展など、独自の創作活動で注目を集める。

映画「春の雪」、「北の零年」、NHK大河ドラマ「天地人」をはじめ、世界遺産「平泉」、 スーパーコンピュータ「京」、「美空ひばり」など、数多くの題字、ロゴを手がける。







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宣言 「双雲は人類成長に深く貢献する存在になります。」

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Souun is one of the most famous calligraphers (Kanji artist) in Japan. His artwork is highly praised for its innovative, yet traditional way of expressing the beauty of the Japanese language and spirit.

Born in 1975 in Kumamoto, Souun Takeda was first exposed to calligraphy at the age of three by his mother Souyou Takeda, a professional calligrapher in her own right.
After graduating from Science and Research University, Takeda Souun chose to work for Japan’s largest telecom company, NTT. However, after three years, he realized that there was a better path and a better life waiting for him, and he determined to become a professional calligrapher.

Soon after, he left NTT to pursue calligraphy full-time and immediately opened his own studio in order to teach calligraphy to students of all ages and levels. He also started an online business, designing nameplates, calling cards and Japanese fans. He also began his calligraphy career, working as a street artist creating calligraphy for passersby, in much the same way musicians perform on the streets and in the subway stations of New York and London.

The quality of Souun’s work and its power to move people has made him one of the most respected and sought after calligraphers in the world. He has been invited to participate in a variety of projects and engage in a wide range of activities; calligraphy workshops and calligraphy live performances at Fuji Rock Festival, Russia, Switzerland, and Belgium, as well as a two month excursion to Vietnam and Indonesia as a cultural ambassador appointed by the Japanese government.
His unique perspective on calligraphy and the world around him can be seen clearly in the solo exhibitions he holds around the world. His latest solo exhibition took place in California, U.S.A. in August, 2015. He is the author of over 40 books. Currently there are 300 people in his calligraphy school. Below is a list of just some of the things Takeda Souun has been a part of in recent years.

Example of his selected representative projects For full CV please download the PDF.


Takeda Souun has a lifelong goal,
“To sow seeds of joyful living and to create thankful cycle for whole human family.”

He always tries to create artwork, which inspires people to enjoy active lives and fills people with appreciation and happiness. He believes that if a person is filled with a sense of well-being and gratitude, she/he can return these feeling for others. The wave of well-being and gratitude will spread exponentially through society, and eventually build a peaceful and better world.

He creates his works and always seeks the best way to achieve this goal. While he respects traditional calligraphic ways, he does not hesitate to take new approaches creating calligraphic work.

Souun’s attitude towards Calligraphy

Takeda Souun believes that calligraphy is one of the powerful, spiritual art form and is a combination of skill and creator’s energy and spirits and is also defined one of the simplest art form.Calligrapher attempt to bring words to life and she/he work reflects her/his vision, mind, thoughts, energy and spirits. That is one of the reasons why he begins from meditation in the creative process to purify the mind and soul so that he can endure word’s power with character. He educes the words’ original power and freeze people’s thoughts, mind, image, and spirits into a black and white simple art form. He also transmits a glimpse of the universe in his heart, his energy through his brush and breathes new life into every single work. This is why people say his calligraphy art work has affirmative power, positive energy, and awareness within. The work talks to your heart and can enhance your emotional and spiritual health.